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Discover this Lagoon soap infused with indigo!

Nicely wrapped in its tartan fabric knit will make a great gift idea 

This soap is designed :

  • Without EDTA 
  • Based on minerals pigments 
  • Without CMR
  • Features 98 % of neutrality 
  • Without conservatives agent 
  • Made from essential fatty oils of Grasse 

It is suitable for all daily toiletries, for hands in your bathroom or to perfume your cupboard !


Discover this soap infused with madder is elegant and refined scent of peony !

Nicely wrapped in its tartan fabric knit will make a great gift idea 

This soap is designed :

  • Without EDTA 
  • Based on minerals pigments 
  • Without CMR
  • Features 98 % of neutrality 
  • Without conservatives agent 
  • Made from essential fatty oils of Grasse 

It is suitable for all daily toiletries, for hands in your bathroom or to perfume your cupboard !


Discover this block soap made from ultra fresh and rich goat's milk 

thanks to 5 % fresh milk incorporated

French Provencal nature invites itself once again in your cosmetics !

Goat's milk is particularly recognized for many virtues

With its velvety texture, this soap it suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitives

This is a real beauty cocktail that the skin loves

It fights again skin aging and give a maximum dose of hydratation to the most dry skin

It also relieves for dermatosis , eczema and psoriasis 

This soap is handcrafted and the goat's milk come from Isabelle, a farmer based in Salon de Provence 


Discover this concentrated plumping organic facial serum based on hyaluronic and aloe vera 

Naturally present in the skin, hyaluronic acid contributes to the proper functioning of hydratation factors 

Thanks to its capacity of vegetable origin, this organic facial serum helps to preserve the youthfulness of the skin

Also enriched with 40 % organic aloe vera juice, facial skin appears smoother, plumped and protected 


Discover this serum contour of the eyes which brings an intense hydratation and an anti aging effect ! 

This treatment is based in organic shea vegetable oil , organic lavender hydrolate , organic argan oil and organic apricot kernel oil.

Rich in oleic acid, Vitamin A and E , this formula is known for its nourishing, regenerating ans restructuring properties 

This treatment has a real anti aging activity because of its ability to improve cellular longevity 


This BB cream is a cream of care "High Technology

Ideal for correcting imperfections of the complexion, this BB cream will moisturize your skin in depth thanks to its hyarulonic acid content .

Its non-greasy texture guarantees a matifying result that holds all long day 

Active Ingredients :

Cassis floral water, Shea, Hazelnut Oil

Evening primrose oil and Buriti, hyarulonic acid 

Why this BB cream rather than another ?

It deeply plumps and hydrates the skin

it is a real natural care to sublimate your face 

It standardizes the complexion, the good looking effect is assured !

It reduces the signs of fatigue

She is organic 

It is rich in Vitamin, A, C , E and fatty acid 


Discover this face cream with pure water from Aix en Provence with lavender and mediterranean seaweed!

This cream nourishes and softens the skin

Ideal for dehydrated and dull skin it restores radiance to your complexion and acts on the first signs of age.

Based on water collected at the feet of the Sainte Victoire mountain, this facial treatment is enriched with the natural elements of what Provence produces best ..

North with lavender and south with mediterranean seaweed

Composed of Cyptoseira Caespitose seaweed , Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Organic olive oil, Organic Lavender Floral water and organic shea butter 

This cream will bring to your skin a well-being and a feeling of immediate comfort ! 


Discover this body soap specially designed to help remove orange peel skin 

Thanks to its ergonomic shape and its exfoliating grains, it will be ideal for a tonique massage this summer 

This soap is presented in the shape of a flower and in a fully recyclable cardboard box 

Made in Provence based on climbing ivy macerate , this ingredient is recognized for its draining action on cellulite 

It contains powerful active ingredients that promote blood circulation and help reduce orange peel skin 

Little must :the coffee ground in this soap will make you thighs very soft 

So we go for it, we test an we appreciated the results !


After sunbath, this sun-care body milk helps to strengthen your skin's natural defenses and preserves your tan!

It fastly soothes and moisturizes the skin, repairing all the damages brought by a sunbath

Its creamy light texture is quickly absorbed by the skin so you can apply it as much as you need 

Enriched with nourishing organic ingredients , this body milk is non-greasy, slightly perfumed and soothes itching sensations

Hydratation of the upper layers skin sells

Here is an essential to slip into your summer beauty kit ! 


Discover this organic body milk with sweet almonds oil from Provence !

This rich and creamy emulsion will take care of you body gently ..

Thanks to its selected ingredients, it will provided hydratation and nourish the skin every day by perfume it subtly 

This body milks composed with aloe vera juice with moisturizing and softening properties .

Betaine extracted from cane sugar is used as an active agent moisturizing and soothing irritations

Its unique scent of almond blossom will not leave you indifferent!


Discover or offer an escape to Provence with these 4 scented soaps !

These soaps will be placed in a gift bag and will be ready to offer 

Monoï scent

Verbena scent 

Peony scent 

Seaside scent 

Here is a beautiful git idea that will delight all lovers of cosmetics made in provence ..


The fresh and lemony note of verbena will perfume your bathroom thanks to this vegetable soap !

This soap is ideal for relaxing for everyday use 

Enriched with dyes of mineral origin and perfume with essential oils of Grasse

You will enjoy using it on your body, face or hand

Delivered in a ecological textile packaging , this soap does not contain petrochemical preservatives or synthetic dyes

This soap is made in Provence at St Chamas 

Ideal as a gift or for have a beautiful moment everyday 


The scent of exotic and solar monoï is particularly appreciated because it immediately remind the mood of vacations !

This vegetable soap is ideal for relaxing in the shower for use everyday 

Enriched with  dyes of mineral origin and scented with essentials oils of Grasse

Delivered in a ecological textile packaging , this soap doesn't contain petrochemical preservatives, not synthetic dyes

This soap is made in Provence in Saint Chamas by le Mas du Roseau  

This is a great gift idea ! 


Are you looking for a healthiest deodorant with few ingredients?

Then this is the one for you !

This deodorant is packaged in a recycled glass is made in Provence ( LAMANON 13) with a entirely local approach 

it is made :

  • Without baking soda 
  • Aluminium Free
  • Without conservative agent
  • Without allergens
  • Without essentials oil
  • Based on local products
  • Without synthetic dyed
  • Free of silicones and polymers
  • Suitable for vegan

It is ideal for sensitive skin and doesn't leave trace on clothing

It neutralizes odors without blocking perspiration and let the skin breathe 

To try without hesitation ! 



Discover this hand cream with aloe vera and shea butter in a ideal format for put in your handbag !

Composed of vegetable glycerin with moisturizing properties and aloe Vera with softening properties

Its use it suitable for men, women and as well as the whole family 

Its scent its pleasant, natural and leaves a soft touch 

Its texture is sweet and protects your hands from external aggressions 

This cream is made in Provence and is 100 % natural 


Discover this 100 % natural pure coconut oil presented in its glass bottle 

Virgin coconut brings suppleness and week being to your skin and hair 

Anti-aging, it contains vitamin A and E With antioxydant properties and which help fight against skin aging

It can be also used as a mask before shampoo and bring suppleness shine and vigor to your hair 

Like all vegetable oils, it can also be used as a make up remover 

Its unique and captivating fragrance will not leave you indifferent !