French Provencal Beauty has been selecting organic French cosmetics, artisanal and 100% Provencal since 2017.

Our goal is to make you enjoy all the virtues and well-being of our beautiful Provence.

Body care

Discover this body soap specially designed to help remove orange peel skin 

Thanks to its ergonomic shape and its exfoliating grains, it will be ideal for a tonique massage this summer 

This soap is presented in the shape of a flower and in a fully recyclable cardboard box 

Made in Provence based on climbing ivy macerate , this ingredient is recognized for its draining action on cellulite 

It contains powerful active ingredients that promote blood circulation and help reduce orange peel skin 

Little must :the coffee ground in this soap will make you thighs very soft 

So we go for it, we test an we appreciated the results !


Discover this soothing liquid organic soap with donkey milk formulated to preserve the most sensitive skin and minimize the risk of allergy 

Its fresh and floral fragrance is hypoallergenic,

it will adapt wonderfully for the whole family especially with its pump system very easy to use ! 

Donkey milk has soothing and softening properties and will make you spend a pleasant moment of relaxation 

This soap is very effective for dry skin 

For Allergic tendency 

For problem skin like eczema, psoriasis and acne 


The scent of exotic and solar monoï is particularly appreciated because it immediately remind the mood of vacations !

This vegetable soap is ideal for relaxing in the shower for use everyday 

Enriched with  dyes of mineral origin and scented with essentials oils of Grasse

Delivered in a ecological textile packaging , this soap doesn't contain petrochemical preservatives, not synthetic dyes

This soap is made in Provence in Saint Chamas by le Mas du Roseau  

This is a great gift idea ! 


Discover this organic body milk with sweet almonds oil from Provence !

This rich and creamy emulsion will take care of you body gently ..

Thanks to its selected ingredients, it will provided hydratation and nourish the skin every day by perfume it subtly 

This body milks composed with aloe vera juice with moisturizing and softening properties .

Betaine extracted from cane sugar is used as an active agent moisturizing and soothing irritations

Its unique scent of almond blossom will not leave you indifferent!


Are you looking for a healthiest deodorant with few ingredients?

Then this is the one for you !

This deodorant is packaged in a recycled glass is made in Provence ( LAMANON 13) with a entirely local approach 

it is made :

  • Without baking soda 
  • Aluminium Free
  • Without conservative agent
  • Without allergens
  • Without essentials oil
  • Based on local products
  • Without synthetic dyed
  • Free of silicones and polymers
  • Suitable for vegan

It is ideal for sensitive skin and doesn't leave trace on clothing

It neutralizes odors without blocking perspiration and let the skin breathe 

To try without hesitation ! 


French organic cosmetics Made in Provence

Discover all the virtues and the well-being that Provence brings to you. All our Organic, Artisanal and Provençal products are designed in the South of France, a region filled with sunshine and which produces products rich in scents and flavors.


Lavender, the star ingredient in Provençal cosmetics

Undisputed symbol of Provence, it is everywhere in our cosmetics and it is not for nothing. Lavender has properties for all types of care.

Already prized by the Romans for its relaxing virtues, it has become a basic for serenity… Let the sun shine in and Welcome to Provence!

Face care

Discover this organic day intensive cream made in Provence with a concentrate of essential fatty acids 

Indispensable for the balance of skin, regeneration and cell strenghtening

Exceptionally rich in active ingredients exclusively of plant origin, this organic day intensive face cream is non greasy fluid cream participates in maintaining the vitality of skin 

Contains noble active ingredient like :

Rose cHip oil

Sweet almond oil

Shea butter

Avocado oil 

Calendula extract 


Discover this concentrated plumping organic facial serum based on hyaluronic and aloe vera 

Naturally present in the skin, hyaluronic acid contributes to the proper functioning of hydratation factors 

Thanks to its capacity of vegetable origin, this organic facial serum helps to preserve the youthfulness of the skin

Also enriched with 40 % organic aloe vera juice, facial skin appears smoother, plumped and protected 


Discover this serum contour of the eyes which brings an intense hydratation and an anti aging effect ! 

This treatment is based in organic shea vegetable oil , organic lavender hydrolate , organic argan oil and organic apricot kernel oil.

Rich in oleic acid, Vitamin A and E , this formula is known for its nourishing, regenerating ans restructuring properties 

This treatment has a real anti aging activity because of its ability to improve cellular longevity 


Discover this essential youth serum made in Provence with a composition of plant active ingredients !

It plumps, softens and hydrates all skin types

This serum won the Slow Cosmetics Mention 

Its composition is 100 % natural and it is formulated with :

  • Melissa Hydrosol harvested in Provence 
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Olive Leafs Extracts
  • Vegetable Hyaluronique
  • Coconut Fruit Fermentation Extract 
  • Organic Grapeseed Extract 

Over use, the skin is softer, more supple and more beautiful !

This serum is non greasy, non sticky and suitable for all skin types 

Suitable for vegan 

Olive oil, A real beauty asset

This wonderful oil is a real treasure for the skin.

Very appreciated on our plates, it also contributes to daily beauty.

Full of fatty acid and vitamin A, C, D, it softens, tones and revitalizes the skin.

Marseille Cube Soaps must contain a minimum of 72% olive oil.

This is how you will recognize

Olivier de Provence

argan oil

Argan oil, and its antioxidant virtues Impossible not to have heard of it

Argan oil has become in a few years an essential for the skin in anti-aging care and the hair to nourish it in depth.

Extracted from the fruits of the argan tree, it has become an essential ingredient in cosmetics.

It protects skin and hair from dryness and prolongs the radiance of colorings.

French gift ideas

Discover or offer this box specially designed for men!

This Box contains:

A Special face soap for men

A Beard oil with precious oils

A Verbena Soap

A Real Cube of Marseille soap

Here is a great gift idea and this box will be ready to offer 


Discover or offer an escape to Provence with these 4 scented soaps !

These soaps will be placed in a gift bag and will be ready to offer 

Monoï scent

Verbena scent 

Peony scent 

Seaside scent 

Here is a beautiful git idea that will delight all lovers of cosmetics made in provence ..

Offer organic cosmetics from Provence.

Thank your employees, Customers and Partners with our Gourmet Boxes and our Well-being Boxes to be personalized as desired!

A Gift offer for each order !

cadeau offert - bougiecadeau offert - bracelet

French gourmet

Discover this organic detox herbal tea from Provence d'antan which will be perfect to detoxify your body with a beautiful synergy of plants and fruits 

Conducive to the proper functioning of the liver and intestines, this flowery herbal tea with subtle and delicate flavors is a source of softness and wellbeing throughout the year 

This herbal tea is composed of:

Organic Dandelion, Organic stinging nettle , Organic fennel, Organic licorice 

Organic heartsease, Organic lemon extract, Organic fraxinus, Organic mallow , Organic lemon peel , Organic artichoke, Organic burdock, Organic black radish 

The most :

A Presentation in a pretty box that will adorn your kitchen 

Infused bags are biodegradable 

An infusion full of benefit for the body 


Discover this organic honey lavender tisane with its real provencal recipe

Its sweetness of honey and the floral intensity of provencal lavender will brighten your day 

This herbal tea is composed with :

Organic elderberry, Organic lavender, Organic linden , Organise rose hip , Natural aroma of honey , Organic rose petal , Organic marigold flowers , Organic honey 

The most :

A Presentation in a pretty box that will adorn your kitchen 

Infused bags are biodegradable 

An infusion full of benefit for the body 


Discover this exceptional organic lavender honey from French Provence !

Made in Valensole in the High Alpes this honey is harvested accordinag to organic farming 

add two spoons in you coffee or tea and taste the difference !

A source of vitality, this honey is highly appreciated as a product acting cough, bronchitis, wounds , burns and many other virtues ..

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