Organic Detox Herbal Tea 2.12 Oz

Organic Detox Herbal Tea 2.12 Oz

Discover this organic detox herbal tea from Provence d'antan which will be perfect to detoxify your body with a beautiful synergy of plants and fruits 

Conducive to the proper functioning of the liver and intestines, this flowery herbal tea with subtle and delicate flavors is a source of softness and wellbeing throughout the year 

This herbal tea is composed of:

Organic Dandelion, Organic stinging nettle , Organic fennel, Organic licorice 

Organic heartsease, Organic lemon extract, Organic fraxinus, Organic mallow , Organic lemon peel , Organic artichoke, Organic burdock, Organic black radish 

The most :

A Presentation in a pretty box that will adorn your kitchen 

Infused bags are biodegradable 

An infusion full of benefit for the body 


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Using advice :

Let the tea bag infuse for 4 to 5 minutes in a. cup of hot water 

Store in a cool dry place 

Precaution for use :

Not recommend for people with hypertension 


Organic Dandelion 15%, Organic stinging nettle 15%, Organic fennel 15%, Organic licorice 15%

Organic heartsease 10%, Organic lemon extract 10%, Organic fraxinus 5%, Organic mallow 5% , Organic lemon peel 5%, Organic artichoke 2%, Organic burdock 2%, Organic black radish 1%