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Aleppo soap can be used daily as soap for washing and shampoo

As face mask, shaving cream and for bathing infants and babies

Laurel oil is an effective cleanser, antibiotic anti fungal and anti-itching agent 

It is made of 78% olive oil and 12% laurel berries 

Without conservative and non tested on animals 


For you men, discover this nourishing and beautifying beard oil !

This oil contains a synergy of oils as Castor oil ,Jojoba and grape seed to perfume your beard and make it more shiny 

Your beard is like your hair, it must be maintained in a neat and a regular manner 

This oil will allow you to combine the useful and the pleasant ,your beard will be very soft and light scented !

Made in Provence at St Chamas by Le Mas Du Roseau


Discover or offer this cold saponified soap with calendula oil, handcrafted in Valensole in the alpes of Haute Provence !

Calendula is recommended for the most sensitive skin and to treat exzema, psoriasis, acne and all the skin diseases

The cream foam of this soap bring you comfort and softness on your face and your body 

Guaranteed escape to Provence ..


Discover this intensive cream made in Provence with a concentrate of essential fatty acids 

Indispensable for the balance of skin, regeneration and cell strenghtening

Exceptionally rich in active ingredients exclusively of plant origin, this non greasy fluid cream participates in maintaining the vitality of skin 

Contains noble active ingredient like :

Rose cHip oil

Sweet almond oil

Shea butter

Avocado oil 

Calendula extract 


Discover for you men this authentic face soap !

It is used as a classic soap has the particularity of being effective in toning the skin in the morning 

It adapts to all skin types, even the most sensitive 

Enriched with vitamin E ,it protect and revitalizes the skin

Made in Provence at St Chamas, it contains no preservatives and will give you a pleasant moment of relaxation

To try is to adopt it !

And for ladies this in an original gift idea !



Discover this organic phyto gel rich in Aloe Vera and essential oils!

This gel will relieve all your ARTICULAR CIRCULATORY MUSCULAR pains 

It acts on all the daily ills:

Heavy legs, Muscle contractures, Cramps, Body aches, Sport preparation, Insect Bites, Mosquito repellents

Guaranteed efficiency and immediate 

Intense freshness then soft heat for a newfound comfort 

PANIBOBO is indispensable to not be afraid of evils ! 


The scent of exotic and solar monoï is particularly appreciated because it immediately remind the mood of vacations !

This vegetable soap is ideal for relaxing in the shower for use everyday 

Enriched with vitamin E (excellent anti -aging )with dyes of mineral origin and scented with essentials oils of Grasse

Delivered in a ecological textile packaging , this soap doesn't contain petrochemical preservatives, not synthetic dyes

This soap is made in Provence in Saint Chamas by le Mas du Roseau  

This is a great gift idea ! 


Discover this organic apricot butter in an ideal format to carry it everywhere !

The apricot is renowned for its revitalizing and softening properties 

The Buriti oil contained in this butter provides the Carotenoids necessary for a prolonged tan 

The complexion becomes more luminous, radiant and the skin becomes more flexible by using it on daily basis 

To try it is adopt it !


Discover this unique gentle soap made of 18 plants selected according to Ayurveda (Science of life )

Its scent is fresh and invigorating, even exotic 

This soap is recommended for oily and problem skin , it does not irritate even the most sensitive skin

Its foam is creamy and leaves your skin soft 

This soap helps to fight against excess sebum and helps the skintight rid of impurities in depth

It can used both on the face and on the body 

For acne it is advisable to let the foam act for 3 minutes for the best results 


This BB cream is a cream of care "High Technology

Ideal for correcting imperfections of the complexion, this BB cream will moisturize your skin in depth thanks to its hyarulonic acid content .

Its non-greasy texture guarantees a matifying result that holds all long day 

Active Ingredients :

Cassis floral water, Shea, Hazelnut Oil

Evening primrose oil and Buriti, hyarulonic acid 

Why this BB cream rather than another ?

It deeply plumps and hydrates the skin

it is a real natural care to sublimate your face 

It standardizes the complexion, the good looking effect is assured !

It reduces the signs of fatigue

She is organic, rich in vitamin A, C, E and fatty acid