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Discover this beauty oil with organic arnica !

It is know to reduce the intensity of blows, bruises,bumps 

This treatment is also recommended in case of cramps and aches because it promotes muscle relaxation 

This spray bottle is ideal for slipping into your purse to small daily sores !


Discover this oil obtained by the cold pressing of castor seeds 

It has been used for its invigorating and stimulating virtues 

It is famous and know for the growth of hair, eyelashes and nails 

The hair regains vitality , shine and length

Brittle nails will be nourished and regenerated 


Discover this organic sweet almond oil !

Almonds are good for health and beauty 

This oil moisturizes, nourishes the driest skin and soothes skin irritations

It significantly improves the elasticity of the facial skin

It reduces the sebum on the face

Ideal for hair damaged and dy hair 

During pregnancy it helps to soften the skin of the belly and fight against stretch marks

It is also recommended for baby massage 

This is a useful cosmetic for the whole family !