Gel Phyto Double Action

 Active Phyto Gel Double Action from provence

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Do you have some trouble for sleeping ?

To put the odds on your side, opt for this peaceful sleep balm

Here is a synergy of reassuring and soothing essential oils such as lavender and patchouli on a soft base of beeswax 

This sweet scent positively stimulates the mind and chase away the dark thoughts to give away to a wave of relaxation 

Close your eyes and let the sandman pass by ..


Discover this organic phyto gel rich in Aloe Vera and essential oils!

This gel will relieve all your ARTICULAR CIRCULATORY MUSCULAR pains 

It acts on all the daily ills:

Heavy legs, Muscle contractures, Cramps, Body aches, Sport preparation, Insect Bites, Mosquito repellents

Guaranteed efficiency and immediate 

Intense freshness then soft heat for a newfound comfort 

PANIBOBO is indispensable to not be afraid of evils !