Soap of Marseille : The beauty benefits on your body and your hair

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Hello there, 

Provencal cosmetology has never been so popular !!
Indeed, it has become totally trendy to make beauty routines with 100 % natural and ecological products.
The opportunity to come back to a particular product that is cheap, soft, natural and hypoallergenic
Unlike other cosmetics, it does not pollute the environment, it is ecological and biodegradable.
The Use of Marseille soap on the face :
To be able to talk about it at best, I have obviously tested it every morning,
I must say that it allows to really do a deep. cleansing and it removes the greasy film on face area, 
I really feel that my skin has been regulated .
On the other hand, it's necessary to put a moisturizer after, the skin of the face being sensitive , it necessary to dry it .
Marseille soap foam well and for your cutie husbands it can be used in shaving foam that will avoid the bad hair that grow back under the skin .
Once again, a simple and effective formula !

How to recognize a real Marseille Soap ? 

  • It is cubic and each of these faces is stamped
  • it is exclusively composed of 72% minimum vegetable oil and soda
  • it is cooked in a cauldron
  • it contains no preservatives, dyes or fragrances
  • its color varies between pale green and brown
To be found in the ingredients:
Sodium olivate is saponified olive oil and sodium cocoate is saponified coconut oil.
A soap can be stored for months (see years) it undergoes no degradation and does not lose it properties.
The benefits of Marseille soap on hair
Are you tired of stripping shampoos?
You hair regraires too fast ? 
They are weakened by pollution, chemical colors etc..
Take the test !This will restore tone and shine to dull and fragile hair.
This soap is not aggresive, it is much less abrasive, the hair becomes softy and shiny, it is also the ideal solution for those who suffer from sensitive scalp (which is my case ) and those who have psoriasis also . 
The itching often comes from hair products that are too aggresive.
This soap is also serve you for your laundry, delicate linen, baby linen and fragile fabrics.
It also serves as a household product cleans the floors, restores color to material , plastic, wood..
In Provence, we say place a cube Of Marseille soap in your bed and you will never suffer from rheumatism or cramps ! 
So how to say ..This soap has not finished surprising us ! 
Looking forward to reading your feedback!
See you soon 

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