The French Touch

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Never a country will have speak so much about him for his taste for fashion and Haute Couture .

Indeed,the French has always made envy in the world because it remains so called chic in all circumstances .
French Brands recognized worldwide are no longer to be mention :
And many others .. 
But then what exactly is the French Style ? "the French Touch " , what really defines French Fashion ?
I tried to raise the mystery and tell you about it :
The French has always like to play with gender-crossing feminine and masculine styles .
That is to say that she has understood for a long time that the mix of styles was a stylish in itself ..
Sneakers ,a thrift store jacket and Chanel ....
All this summarizes the chic that French people have always had in a way .
The French style is a also a natural elegance , discreet . 
The frenchwoman is general does not like eccentricity and can come out falsely disheveled , which means that she does not do anything to be chic it's natural that makes her chic .
Mathilde Thomas , the founder of the CAUDALIE brand and author of the US hit book 
"The French Beauty Solution " is formal:
"it's precisely this impression of false simplicity that fascinate the foreigners . 
The art of disheveled hairdressing , a bit neglected . 
Brigitte Bardot better known under the pseudonym of BB represented totally the chic French dice the sixties .
Muse,World Star ,Sex symbol , her beauty has left no one indifferent .


It's her who launched fashion ballerinas in the street of St TROPEZ and was one of the first to leave the shoulders completely naked .

The French understood very quickly that the male and female genres could be an elegant style .
Take the shirt of the boyfriend and add a collar on top ! Here is a style that throws !!
Wear a 3 pieces suit , everything is possible just adapt it ... 

INES DE LA FRESSANGE has also been the epitome of the Parisian excellence .
Muse in the 80's of CHANEL she's became today fashion designer and is known in the world thanks to her taste of chic French style . 


Coco Chanel was a fashion designer who definitely marked France and the French Woman .

Today her Haute couture creations and her parfumes have never represented so much French chic and elegance . 
The brand was created in 1913 in Deauville , Coco Chanel , anxious to liberate women , created models such as the tailor Chanel , which soon became emblematic of the brand .
She launches "the little black dress" , color that at the time was reserved only for the mourning . 
This black dress , classic and simple , is still today a mush have in her wardrobe.
In 1987 the brand also started in the watch industry and in 1990 a special line of cosmetics was launched . 
Coco Chanel will remain a woman who has marked France , liberated women and brought them independence , comfort and elegance .
As she said too well , beauty begins when you decide to be yourself , 
I think once we understand that , life just starts ...
I hope you enjoy this article on French Beauty , so you can walk with your head up , the French still be examples of fashion , since it's natural you are told !
Good reading ..

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