Spring 2018 is Coming !

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How to prepare your skin for the arrival of spring ?
French Provencal Beauty gives you some tips to learn how to prepare your body for this change .
After the winter and cold, the skin accumulated toxins, the cells have kept in memory as a hibernation, the skin is thickened, numb,the complexion is scrambled skin is white .
It is therefore time to consider change, the sun is coming very soon ! 
Before anything, it will be necessary to eliminate the toxins which will allow a hatching of purity.
We talk about seven billion toxins that accumulate every day in the layers of the epidermis ,
this is what suffocates and tires our skin, especially our face, which is more sensitive .
You can start slowly by doing a facial sauna or a hammam session ,it will already help your body and your face to get rid of dead cells .
Use a scrubbing shower gel or some black soap .
Here is an exemple below.

The scrub will open the pores and allow deep cleansing by ridding all impurities, the black soap will moisturize and soften your skin to prepare it in the sun .
The return of spring also means a return to lighter clothing and a regular and clean hair removal, the importance of scrub on the body mainly your legs will be essential to have a impeccably sublimated skin.
You can find these two organics cosmetics on the shop French Provencal Beauty,
the tube is big and it will last a long time and are two essential to have in a bathroom at this time of year . 
Each morning a beauty routine is also recommended by drinking hot water with pressed lemon for cleanse the liver and restore radiance to the complexion while ridding the body of toxins .
Massage your face with scrubs as well ,this is an important step and it will also optimize the effects of cream applied and prepare the face to keep the tan longer .
Once done, you will have the tanning step, but be careful, you will have to go slowly and gradually . 
The alternative of self-tanning,may initially allow to have a tan but paid attention to its use because sometimes it can have unfortunate consequences (tasks, complexion orange).
Dietary supplement with bétacarotène will help promote tanning, you can take tablets before exposure and it will work from the inside and will see quickly outside .
So are you ready for the arrival of this spring ?
The winters is so long that I think everyone longs to see its happen.
So you have to change your little beauty routines and set up the news , I remain available on frenchprovencalbeauty@gmail.com to discuss with you .
See your soon under the sun !! 

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