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Hello all .
Today Organics Cosmetics  has never been so trendy, we all seek to get closer to the natural and even more when it comes to cosmetics.
What is an organic product and why promote it?
They do not contain synthetic chemicals
They are not tested on animals
They contain a majority of natural products
They are limited in their content in preservatives
They are of plant origin
they do not contain allergens
they respect a strict environmental charter
That's enough to make us want to put a little more green in our usual products!
So I went in search of Provençal cosmetics and typically Organic,
I wanted to expand the range with natural products and especially certified ECOCERT and COSMEBIO labeled
(which is the best current reference in Natural, Ecological and Organic cosmetics).
I had to select some flagship products and I arrived to those based on Argan oil.
This oil from Morocco has been used for centuries for its numerous therapeutic and cosmetic properties.
It is an oil rich in Vitamin E and is known for its nourishing, regenerating and restructuring properties.
It is an oil that at first is ideal against the signs of aging, (we see how much the skin of our face and our body is not the same over the years) .....
It restores elasticity and suppleness to the skin, shine and splinters with dull and tired hair, strengthens the nails and helps hair loss.
I think it is an oil that is really miraculous since it also helps fight against certain pathologies (Eczema, Psoriasis, dehydrated skin, acne, chapped skin, scars and stretch marks).
It is therefore an extremely nourishing oil that will suit all types of skin and especially the driest skins.
By using this ingredient you will take care of your skin and your hair while protecting the environment so I hope you enjoy it.
I let you wait a few days before finding these products on the online store and will remind you when the time comes.
I would like to know your different opinions on the organic product  in general, on Argan oil, so do not hesitate to leave me comments ,
I will be happy to discuss with you on these different points.
I wish you a beautiful and excellent week!

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